CW1:100 Super Windshield Cleaner Ready-Mix

CW1:100 Super Windshield Cleaner Ready-Mix

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The strongest CW ever – ready for use

  • A special, newly developed polymer combination from the Dr. Wack Chemie´s research laboratory removes all glare and grease films, even faster and instantly improves clarity and  safety oft view

  • Offering the best CW1:100 quality, it is ideally suited for the high demands at professional drivers

  • Highly effective against insect residue

  • Suited for the use with plastic headlamp diffusers and fan nozzles

  • Extends the lifetime of windscreen wipers

  • Can be used undiluted (3 liters = max. efficiency) or mixed with water at a ratio of 1:1 (6 litres = max. volume)


Product Information Sheet

Item number: 1741
Packaging: Plastic Can
Content: 3000 ml

Delivery time: 2-12 days

Legal Notices

Ingredients according to the Detergent Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004 as PDF download.